• Depression And Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system. Both type one and type 2 diabetes can be controlled by monitoring and controlling sugar level. When this is achieved, patients can live a normal life. The process of monitoring & controlling blood sugar may be overwhelming for some. This may contribute to depression. In addition, being depressed may cause one to be sedentary, with no interest in exercise or other regular activities. This type of lifestyle could lead to development of type 2 diabetes. Thus the two conditions (depression and diabetes) have some connection. Seeing a health/mental health professional

  • Dangers Of Alcohol – Medication Interactions

     by Aloy Adigweme, PhD; Rph   According to the most recent estimates, about 10% of adults in the US consume alcohol on a daily basis (National Institute Of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism, 2010). During the holiday seasons and major sports events, this number goes much higher.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The holiday season is upon us and the Superbowl will be here shortly thereafter. For those on medication, it is important to assess the risk factors for adverse events when alcohol is consumed concommitantly with certain therapeutic agents. Antibiotics, cardiovascular agents, narcotic and non narcotic analgesics and psychotherapeutic agents are among drug categories

  • Counseling

    Our staff members are trained and qualified professionals, who will make an assessment of the situation and select the most appropriate treatment or service available.  At Pathways Behavioral Health, you will enjoy a calm and safe setting for progressive, individualized treatment. Click here to schedule an

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